Fundamentals of Astrology: Meeting the Sky Wanderers Within

Saturday, November 3, 2018 | 1:00-400 pm

Cell of the Universe By Dana Roman Oil on canvas, 1985 Source: ARASIt is well known that astrology was a powerful stimulant for the development of significant dimensions of Jung’s work. Similarly, Jung’s understanding of the human psyche provided a language and a framework that gave new life to the western astrological tradition, shaping the ancient knowledge into its modern form.

This lecture/workshop will be an introduction to the fundamentals of modern western astrology. The archetypal symbolism of the zodiacal signs, planets and houses will be explored within the context of the natal chart, and we will contend with questions about individual fate, psychological development and teleology. No previous knowledge of astrology is required.

Juana Yepes is an Analyst in Training at the C. G. Jung Institute of New York. Her academic background includes studies in Organizational Psychology, Religion and Literature. In her astrological practice, Juana works with individuals exploring their natal charts from the psychological and evolutionary perspectives.

Image Credit:
“Cell of the Universe”
By Dana Roman
Oil on canvas, 1985
Source: ARAS