The mask of…

“The mask of the unconscious is not rigid–it reflects the face we turn toward it. Hostility lends it a threatening aspect, friendliness softens its features.” — C.G. Jung


  1. Resistance is always interesting to me. That is the hostility looking towards the unconscious. Like in synchronicity with the scarab. The woman was hostile toward the unconscious until the synchronistic event allowed her not to be afraid. When I began to trust that my unconscious was just another way to help me individuate, I was able to look upon it in a friendly manner.

  2. Robert McCullough says:

    It’s terrifying to the extent we identify with our false self as it breaks up.

    • Our false self (the old defense structure) has in many ways been good to us until we had the strength to take the hero’s journey to individuation. Therefore, one needs to grieve the false self as one gives it up.

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