C.G. Jung Institute of New York offers post graduate training to become certified in Jungian Analysis. Esther Harding was one of the founders, in 1962, of the first Jungian Institute in the US. Occasionally Analysts-in-Training share their developing expertise at public lectures sponsored by either the APC of NY or The C.G. Foundation of NY. This reflects community connections between the Jungian organizations at the Jung Center.
The New York Association of Analytical Psychology is the organization of Professional Jungian Analysts in the NY area. Chessie Stevenson, a leader of NYAAP and an APC member, presented a lecture at the APC a few years ago on the topic of women practicing witchcraft in Europe. Her intriguing premise was that these women represented precursors of modern mental health practitioners.
International Association of Analytic Psychology founded in 1955 by C. G. Jung and fellow International Analysts. Its most recent meeting was in Montreal in 2010 and the next one will be 2013 in Copenhagen. Analysts who attended the Montreal conference came from five continents. Their presentations demonstrated that Jung continues to be alive and well here and abroad. One evening a dramatic enactment was presented based upon the correspondence between Dr. Jung and Victor White, the Dominican priest. James Hillman, Jungian Analyst and author, was well enough to attend this conference before his untimely death.
The C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology was founded in 1962 by Esther Harding. The Foundation offers public education in Jungian matters, including two weeks of intensive study each summer. Its monthly First Tuesday lunchtime lecture series is very popular, and free of charge. Their informative journal Quadrant is published four times a year. The Foundation has a bookstore on Jungian topics that is open to the public.
The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS) is a national organization and its headquarters is in the New York City Jung Building, where the APC and the KML have their homes. ARAS holds 17,000 symbols in images and in writing. ARAS has written and published several books. Its most recent publication is The Book of Symbols which features art illustrations drawn from many epochs, amplified by informative written passages.
PhiThe Philemon Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the publication of all the works of Carl G. Jung. The Philemon Foundation organized fundraising events to promote the translation and publication of the Red Book, written by Dr. Jung from about 1919 to 1928 and only recently published, in 2009.
The Analytical Psychology Club of New York, Inc. (APC) was founded by the analysts who brought Jungian psychology to the US in the early 20th Century. The Club offers evening and Saturday lectures and workshops on subjects related to Jung’s theories, and a community where we share our mutual interests. Our email address is Messages left on our phone number, 347-967-7643, are picked up regularly.
The Kristine Mann Library was founded by an early Jungian Analyst, Kristine Mann. It contains a large collection of works by C.G. Jung and many others on subjects related to Jung’s theories. It is staffed by a professional librarian and an assistant. The KML is open from Monday to Thursday. APC membership includes KML membership. The Library is open to the public Monday through Thursday. Inquiries may be addressed to

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