APC Programs

The APC sponsors two series of programs in the months from October to May, occasionally adding earlier or (less frequently) later dates. Both are sponsored by the APC but present different types of programs.

APC Evening Programs

Since the Club’s beginnings lectures or discussions have been scheduled by the Vice President of the Board, who is also the Program Chair. Currently these are held in the evening, usually on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Chairperson Francoise Richards instituted a theme for the entire 2012-2013 season, Reclaiming Your Inner Child. The Inner Child is the key to Individuation, the central work and goal of Jungian analysis. The Vice President’s series traditionally focused on Jungian thought and theory, though in recent years the range of topics has expanded.

APC New Directions Saturday Workshops

In the late 1990s Jeanne Sutton, already a long-time Club member, initiated what became a separate full season of programs of day-long workshops held on Saturdays. Jeanne expanded the repertoire to include a looser expression of Jung’s wide-ranging interests, on “Jungian-oriented” rather than strictly analytical topics. Attendees of the day-long workshops not only discuss but also experience creative outlets such as music and art therapy, dance therapy, theatrical improvisation, photography and various writing forms. Jeanne was chair of the New Directions Committee from its inception until she resigned from the APC for health reasons. The current chair (beginning Fall 2013) is Fred Gurzeler, who is also our Board Recording Secretary.

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