Stories Connect: The Power of Sharing Your Story with Lane Gardner

April 27, 2019 | 1PM to 4PM

Members: $35; Non-members: $45; Students $15

Ever heard a song or even just one line of something, a poem, an article, a conversation that stops you in your tracks? Something in it moves you, touches you, and shifts the way you think or feel. It illuminates something in you, you didn’t see before. There’s an Ah-Ha, a Holy Sh%*!!! Or even just a quiet knowing that helps you along your way.  Stories do that to us. Stories do that for us. Stories do that through us.

In this interactive workshop, we will look at the transformative power of storytelling throughout the history of humankind. We will explore common myths and archetypal themes that permeate our shared experiences that have been passed down through generations in a multitude of creative ways: around the campfire, traveling bards, fairytales, folksongs, theater, music, dance, fables, paintings, poetry, to name a few. Participants will be guided in a creative and collaborative storytelling process and will experience their own stories in action with the support of music, rhythm, rhyme and tone. Creative expression can be a catalyst to transform difficult experiences into powerful testaments of courage and strength. It can be a catalyst for finding one’s voice, speaking one’s truth and developing tools for navigating the ups and downs of life.    

We will discuss how sharing our stories is an act of generosity: generosity to ourselves and to others. When we share our stories, in any form, be it spoken, written, sung, painted, danced, we bring them out into the light. We illuminate the intricate threads of our experiences. We embrace them more fully. 

For nearly 25 years, Lane has brought this passion and expertise to all of her endeavors. As an award-winning and nationally recognized Arts Educator, Singer/Songwriter and Founder and Executive Director of T H R E A D, a non-profit Arts Organization dedicated to bringing about change and transformation through the power of creative expression, she is considered an innovator in Human Development Through the Arts.

In the summer of 2018, Lane and co-founder of T H R E A D, Pete Kalvert were invited to work with students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, FL to facilitate a songwriting and recording project. Lane’s unique sensory songwriting process held safe space for the students to write and record a cathartic, honest and powerful song that sheds light on the emotional aftermath of their tragedy. This powerful process, developed by Lane over the last 20 years, draws upon her study and expertise in sound-based healing, native drumming, ethnomusicology and her own healing journey through trauma and grief within 16 years of Jungian therapy.

Lane’s reach is now expanding into building T H R E A D, whose mission is to foster connection and healing within people and communities by utilizing creative arts expression as a therapeutic tool, transforming individual and collective trauma into original works of Art.