Restoring the Wisdom of the Body: Integration of the Opposites

Saturday: January 12 | 1:00-5:00 pm

It has been said that the interdependence and union of opposites is the basis of Jung’s psychology. In The Structure of the Psyche, CG Jung states: “The whole psychic organism corresponds exactly to the body… “. The human PSYCHE lives in an indissoluble union with the BODY and SENSATION is the foundation for the discovery of bodily knowing. Moment to moment awareness of bodily sensations is the key to healing trauma. In order to resolve conflicts, it is vital and necessary to bring together the opposites into a harmonious relationship. Opposition is central to both individuation and the psychotherapeutic process. The opportunity and the challenge to make conscious these conflicts and to
both synthesize and transmute these polarities may lead us back to the discovery of our unique Spirit embodied in matter.

This lecture/workshop will be an introduction to the fundamentals of Somatic Experiencing, a pathway of return to Embodiment and Wholeness of Being. We will begin to explore how to integrate sensation into the PSYCHE. We will open up the questions and the approach to the restoration of Being Embodied through the dynamic exchange of energy and information that flows through dualities. All are welcome. No previous knowledge is required.

Members and Seniors: $35.00; Non-Members: $45.00; Students with IDs: $15.00

Laurie Schwartz, MS, LMHC, is the director of the NY Center for Integration of the Creative Arts with Somatic Psychotherapy. She began her journey into Jungian Analysis in 1979 and trained with Rob Green and Don Kalshed in the 1990’s. Laurie works with individuals, families, and  communities who are exploring the pathway to healing trauma. She has a special interest in the integration of Spirituality, Archetypes and Trauma.