New Directions 2017

New Directions Workshops 2017

The Analytical Psychology Club Presents


A Gift From C.G. Jung, A TAOIST PATH

Stephen Moskovitz, Taoist Meditation Practitioner, APC Treasurer


Saturday October 14th, 2017 10AM to 2PM

  1. G. Jung Center 28 East 39th St. New York, NY 10016

Contact: (212) 557 – 1502 or

Fees: APC Members and Seniors: $ 35

Non Members: $45: Students with valid ID $ 15

Who taught you how to walk?  Are you aware of your breath?  These two questions open a dialogue into understanding mindfulness.

No one taught us how to walk, we just picked ourselves off of the floor after many attempts and failures to the astonishment of the adults in our care.  This self – taught instinct doesn’t necessarily achieve healthy walking strides.  Often unconscious walking, leads to structural skeletal issues of poor alignment, causing pain, which forces our minds to contend with the immediacy of the pain in our bodies.

Jung shared the wisdom of the East by having the “I Ching” and “The Secret of the Golden Flower” translated first into German and further translated to English by Richard Wilhelm. These journeys into synchronicity, and metaphysics, and alchemy, leave us seeking a way in. Practicing T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Chi Gong, and Taoist meditation is the key that makes one dive deep into the body through breath and mindfulness, and the path to transformation and individuation.

We will have a discussion with demonstrations of simple Taoist breathing techniques, movements and how energy flows through the body.  I will have a T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Wu style, performance by myself and other players of the discipline.  And I will explain the “Empty Step” walking step, for T’ai Chi Ch’uan beginners.

From the “I Ching to T’ai Chi Ch’uan”
Jung and the Tao –
“I Ching” forward by CG JUNG
“Secrets of the Golden Flower”
Translations by Richard Wilhelm

Discussion & Demonstration of Wu Style – T’ai Chi Chuan, Chi Qong, and Bagua
Proper sitting posture movement with the breath & visualization. * Please wear loose clothing.

Stephen Moskovitz has practiced Taoist meditation and Chi Gong exercises for 39 years, and T’ai Chi Ch’uan for 36 years.  Stephen has taught T’a Chi and Chi Gong exercise in a Senior Center and leads a small group of students through T’ai Chi practice.  The I Ching has been part of his individuation since 1977, when he received a leather bound copy as a birthday gift.


Archetypal Fields, Patterns, Possessions and Redemption
          Those Silent and at Times not so Silent Shapers of Life and Destiny    

 Dr. Michael Conforti, Ph.D. Founder and Director  

 Saturday September 23rd, 2017 10AM to 2PM  C. G. Jung Center 28 East 39th St. New York, NY 10016

Contact: (212) 557 – 1502 or

Fees: APC Members and Seniors: $ 35

Non Members: $45: Students with valid ID $ 15

  Perhaps Jung’s greatest discovery was of the presence and workings of The Self and The Objective Psyche, and his genius to return this genuine sense of spirituality and transcendence back into the domain of human consciousness.   His more than 50 years of clinical experience and study provided without a doubt not only the reality of the Psyche but of the primacy of the Archetypes and the Self.     
     Where the work of Jung and the early Jungian’s looked to dreams and the psyche for a deeper understanding of our personal and collective life journey, these ideas are all too quickly being eclipsed by modernity, which totemizes the ego and a personalistic, constructionist, and subjective reality.  For Jung and the early Jungian pioneers including; M.L. von Franz, Barbara Hannah, Aniela Jaffe, Esther Harding, and Mario Jacoby, it was the Self, and not the ego which presided at center stage.  When asked about those moments when he strongly  felt the presence and stirrings of The Self,  Dr. Jacoby responded by playing an imaginary violin, and saying that it was when listening to a Bach Fugue. At such moments, he explained, he was touched by an angel, by this world of Psyche and Self.  

This presentation will discuss the confluence of discoveries in Jungian psychology and the New Sciences which together, pave the way to this to re-connection with Self, and the consequences of individual collective and global estrangement from the numinous in our life.


Dr. Michael Conforti is a Jungian analyst and the Founder and Director of The Assisi Institute.  He has been a faculty member at the C.G. Jung Institute – Boston, the C.G Jung 
Foundation of New York, and for many years served as a Senior Associate faculty member in the Doctoral and Master’s Programs in Clinical Psychology at Antioch New England.

A pioneer in the field of matter-psyche studies, Dr. Conforti is actively investigating the workings of archetypal fields and the relationship between Jungian psychology and the New Sciences. He has presented his work to a wide range of national and international audiences, including the C.G. Jung Institute – Zurich and Jungian organizations in Venezuela, Denmark, Italy and Canada. 
He is the author of 
Threshold Experiences: The Archetype of Beginnings (2007) and Field, Form and Fate: Patterns in Mind, Nature and Psyche (2002), which have been translated in Italian, Russian, and a Spanish edition in in preparation. His articles have appeared in Psychological Perspectives, San Francisco Jung Library Journal, Roundtable Press,World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution, and Spring Journal.