New Directions 2017-2018

New Directions Workshops 2017-2018

The Analytical Psychology Club Presents

(The New Directions Committee of the APC, Inc. )


Nurturing the Inner Child


Joseph G. Moore, PhD, LCSW


Saturday, January 13, 2018 (10:00 am to 3 p.m.)

At the C.G. Jung Center, 28 East 39th St. NYC / 212-557-1502


With his visit to the Taos Pueblo in 1923 C.G. Jung began his exploration into various non-European cultures. Chief Mountain Lake stated that Native Americans thought with their hearts, not with their minds. Through meditation on this statement, Jung realized how coercive and punitive European thinking was and how we needed to re-establish a connection to values emanating from the heart.



Native American family values radiate from the heart and stress “Belonging,” “Mastery,” “Independence,” and “Generosity” as building blocks for child development.  The “Circle of Courage” represents these four psychological needs.  Children and adults who are offered the opportunity to meet these needs in healthy ways grow to find meaning in their lives. When children do not have the favorable conditions to meet these needs, they struggle, finding ineffective, inappropriate and often destructive ways for these needs to be fulfilled. It is at these times that the child feels isolated and alienated from the true self.  These split-off aspects of the Self are our inner children.


The adult who wants consciousness, authenticity and individuation, must reclaim these inner children and integrate them into the Self. This workshop presents tools to nurture and integrate these inner children into the individuated self.



Joseph G. Moore is President of the Analytical Psychology Club of NY and has worked in the field of Child Welfare for 45 years.  He has been in Jungian therapy for over 30 years and has practiced as a Jungian-oriented therapist for the last 25 years.  He is reclaiming and integrating several inner children into his Self.


Fees for the workshop:

 APC Members & Seniors $35 Non-APC members $45, Students with ID $15.

For further information or to make a reservation

call 212-557-1502 or email

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                      Analytical Psychology Club’s


           Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017  10:00 AM-2:00 PM 

link to us at: ‘(212) 558-1502’ or ‘’/APC members $10; non-members $15.                               

                      Come read and share your favorite poems at

POETIC                          our ‘Poetry-Fest’ Gathering!

TEXT:               Bring an original poem; or a poetic text from

                                    Sophocles to Shakespeare, from

                                 Marlowe to Keats or Browning; from

                 Tennyson to Eliot; Sexton to Plath; Angelou to Herrera…!

                            Bring One to Four Poems you’d like to Read.


TYPE:                 If you wish: type or write out your selections

                                     and bring 10-15 copies of each.

HAND                 We can distribute the copies among ourselves;

OUT:                  so that we can read along as poems are spoken.


FOLDERS:            Folders will be provided to you so that

                               the distributed poems can be collected

                                              by each one of us.


SHARING:           Readers may wish to share with participants

                              why they enjoyed the poems they selected;

                                          and tell us something about 

                                the author (!) and content of the poem(s).


QUESTIONS:          The reader also may wish to respond to

                                           comments and questions 

                                      that are raised by the listeners. 


MOMENTS:         Perhaps some of the poems will carry for us

                                        moments of Self-disclosure–of

                                   joy, or regret, or tension, or love…;–of

                             the shadow, projection, the conjunction, & etc.    


BREAK:      There will be a half hour break at noon–if needed by us.

                  Time to dialogue or chat with each other in smaller groups

                       over Coffee and Cake and with Modest Refreshments.


Poetry    Agnes Kim: winner of Korean Writers Poetry Award; BA. in German literature;

‘Helpers’:  MA. in Library & Information Science from LIU; APC consultant, member, etc.

            Frank Braio: advanced degrees in philosophy; student at Foundation for 25  

               years, Temenos Institute Board Member & lecturer; APC VP & lecturer, etc.


Myth, Dream, Ritual; The Archetypal Experience in Everyday, Modern Life


Dr. Joseph P. Wagenseller


Saturday, November 4, 2017 10AM-2PM

  1. G. Jung Center 28 East 39th Street New York, NY 10016

Contact: (212) 557-1502 or

Fees: APC Members and Seniors $35

Non Members: $45: Students with valid ID $15


Mythology has been a part of the fabric of daily life since ancient times. In Greece, for example, the gods and goddesses of myth were worshipped regularly at temples and shrines and through religious festivals and initiation rites. Their core stories became part of the initiation rites of the mystery religions. Through participation in these one experienced transformation and a confident belief that he or she appropriated the deity’s attributes.


From the turn of the last century, the originators and successors of the Psychoanalytic Movement have been intrigued with myth. Sigmund Freud, Otto Rank, Carl Jung, Eric Neumann contributed to the understanding of the universality and profundity of the mythological (archetypal) dimension of human experience. This interest was greatly popularized by the work of Joseph Campbell and others.


Jung suggested that an archetypal dynamic, or mythologem, governs the ego that becomes identified with it. This grew from his discovery of his own version of a hero myth with which he had been identified. (The Siegfried dream.) This phenomenon takes on the potency of a Destiny motif in an individual’s individuation experience. Each of us has a personal myth which will “live us” if we do not discover and relate to it consciously.


This presentation will cover the above material and suggest its relevance to our lives.  


Joseph P. Wagenseller, D. Min. N.C. Psy.A, L.P.C., L.P. is a Licensed Jungian Psychoanalyst in private practice in Westport, Connecticut, having practiced for 37 years in Manhattan. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Temenos Institute, Inc., now celebrating its 40th year in Westport. Dr. Wagenseller is an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology, Teachers College, Colombia University. He is the author of “The Archetype of Vocation” in Protestantism and Jungian Analysis; “Spiritual Renewal at Midlife from a Jungian Perspective” in the Journal of Religion and Health, (Vol. 37, N. 3); “Individuation, Jung’s Psychological Equivalent of a Spiritual Journey”, in the Oxford Handbook of Psychology and Spirituality, ed. Lisa Miller, Ph.D. Oxford University Press, Inc. 2012 and “The Wake-up Call” in The Prophet Archetype, ed. David Shaver, Ed. D. 2017. He is also Consulting Editor of the Spirituality in Clinical Practice journal of the American Psychological Association.