New Directions 2018

New Directions Workshops 2018

The Analytical Psychology Club Presents

(The New Directions Committee of the APC, Inc. )




Analytic Psychology Club’s

                                      Poetry-Fest II!

                       Saturday, May 12th, 2018   10 AM-2:30 PM

(link to us at : ‘(212) 558-1502’ or ‘ members $10; non-members $15)


                Bring in 2 to 4 poems that you would like to share & speak out to us.

                     Poems that carry for you moments of Self-disclosure—of

Poetic       joy or regret, of tension or love, of joy, being adrift, or suffering…;

Text:    Poems that bring out for you the meaning of the shadow or projection;

                           of the psyche split or in conjunctio…; 

       Poems that create for us Symbols integrating fragments of lost meaning, ETC….


The Poems could be creations of your own;

                        or they could be Poems that you love and admire

                              that you’ve selected from the archives of

                                            ‘Poetic World-History’.

                           The Poems could be simple as nursery rhymes or

                        as complex as a monologue from Hamlet or text of Milton; 

                                           Your choice–pick poems you love…!


Please type or write out the Poems you have chosen

Bring                              and bring 12-17 copies of each.

Copies:              We can distribute the poems among ourselves

                         so that we can read along as poems are spoken. 


Folders:        Folders will be supplied so that you can gather the texts.


Questions:    *Ask yourself: what question(s) might the poem 

                             be answering or addressing for its author?

                     & what do they reveal or conceal about his time, culture, etc.?                        


Question of    *Ask yourself: how might the meaning of these poems be

Expression:          hinted at non-verbally through gestures? 

                                  or in a dance or song? in a novel or painting?, etc.


                                There will be a half hour lunch break at noon–

Lunch                                   time to muse, chat or dialogue.

Break:                   Modest lunch refreshments additionally including

                                              coffee and cake also will be provided.


This second Poetry-Fest will be hosted by Frank Braio.

It will be co-sponsored by:

*Agnes Kim–she has a BA in German literature; and an MA in Library & information Science.

  Agnes also is an APC consultant.

*Frederick Gurzeler–he is a former business-person and researcher turned now to poetry- and

  novel-writing.  Also, Fred is the chair of the APC’s ‘New Directions Committee’ which chooses

  & invites presenters for our Saturday programs.

          Let’s create together another enjoyable, welcoming, innovative ‘Poetry-Fest.’