Native American Ritual and Vine Deloria’s Critique of C. G. Jung’s Understanding of Native American Traditions

Joseph Moore, PhD, LCSW, Psychotherapist

Steve Moskovitz, APC Treasurer

Saturday: February 8, 2020, 1PM to 5PM

Members and Seniors: $20.00, Non-Members: $30.00

Students with IDs: $10.00

Contact: (212) 557-1502 or

Humans are forever creating rituals and our mundane lives are filled with them from how we prepare our morning coffee, the way we have our hair groomed, and so on. We are always in some inner dialogue that rituals divert.  To the Native American rituals were very important and very conscious.  For instance, smoking has always been visible prayer for the Native American.  This workshop will explore ritual and what the Native American thought what was important about them.

Vine Deloria, Jr. was a Native American scholar of legal, political and religious studies, wrote a book: C. G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions: Dreams, Visions, Nature, and the Primitive, which address Jung’s understanding of the Native American.  As we know, Jung was in some ways transformed by his visit in the Taos Pueblo, Deloria’s book, while he critiques some of Jung’s misunderstandings, he also saw a connection between Analytical Psychology and Native American.  These connections will be discussed.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ LIFE OF RITUALHow do people ritualize their lives? (Looking at the rituals we already observe). Why did the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (North America) and the Americas ritualize all aspects of life. We will explore the Hopi Mythology, the foundation of the Indigenous belief systems in relation with the desire to find a balance in todays ritualized world, and as the Hopi Myth goes, “This is the period of the end of the fourth world”. How did the inclusion of his experiences with the American southwest inform Jung’s perspectives with Analytical Psychology. What did Jung get right and wrong. Communing with nature removes the instant gratification of today’s demands. Rituals of life can bring that quiet into our lives when we face the modern demands that overwhelm us.

Joseph G. Moore is President of the Analytical Psychology Club of NY and has worked in the field of Child Welfare for 45 years. He has been in Jungian therapy for over 30 years and has practiced as a Jungian-oriented therapist for the last 25 year.  He has visited the Taos Pueblo several times.

Stephen Moskovitz is a Jewelry Therapist in Midtown Manhattan.  Stephen studied the Taoist Esoteric Yoga System with Grand Master Mantak Chia over forty years.  Thirty-nine years Stephen studied and teaches T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and his teachers were the late Sophia Delza who taught Wu style T’ai Ch Ch’uan at the UN, Carnegie Hall, and SUNY Purchase, and is currently studying with Barry Fishman his instructor and former Delza student in New York City.  Stephen studied “A Course in Natural Powers” with the late Doug Boyd. Stephen found the forward written by Jung in the I Ching (Book of changes) and Jung was instrumental in the I Ching’s translation to German then English.