Learning How To Walk In The Tao: The Numinous Body

Stephen Moskovitz: APC Treasurer

Saturday, February 2, 2019 | 1:00-5:00 pm

Simple movements and energy flows, sitting and standing breathing for everyday alignment. This workshop will introduce the concepts of the Tao. Stephen has concluded that these very mindful practices create numinous space. The body needs preparation towards the numinous emotion.

The “pain body” is all encompassing. Pain takes all the energy and mental space. Pain becomes foremost to our attention. How to overcome the “pain body” through practice, breathing techniques and movements and applying our intention to these healing practices, are avenues to overcoming some of our physical and emotional pain.

When the physical body movements align with the flow of Chi (Life Force Energy), when the body pulse is uniform, then these elements are part of the mindfulness that escapes us in our mundane world. Yet it would be relevant in having numinous experiences as mindful experiences. When our intention to be conscious of our breath and body movements drifts, we end up dreaming. Sometimes that drift is an exercise of the emotions that are blocking mindfulness. Emotions are aroused from deep metaphysical memories. The more the practice the deeper the emotional imprint in some place in the body that gets unlocked and possibly released. These practices are the keys to releasing deep seeded memories sometimes generational that allow the full healing and the wellness of the sense of well-being, that
fleeting thing, that peace to be numinous.

Loose clothing will add to the enjoyment of the movements in the program.

Members and Seniors: $35.00
Non-Members: $45.00
Students with IDs: $15.00
Contact: 212-557-1502 or contact@jungclubnyc.org

Stephen Moskovitz studied, practiced, and teaches various modalities of movement and self-healing techniques over forty years. Stephen has been an APC member, and currently is the Treasurer of the APC and an APC member of the KML Library Board.