He who is…

“He who is truly and hopelessly little will always drag the revelation of the greater down to the level of his littleness, and will never understand that the day of judgment for his littleness has dawned.” — C.G. Jung

4 thoughts on “He who is…”

  1. Preparing to post the day’s quote, I happened to have at hand Reclaiming the Inner Child, a compilation of essays and book excerpts edited by Jeremiah Abrams (1990). I was inspired to open it at random and if I found a quote from Jung on that page, to post it. As it happened, the book opened to Page 55 in my paperback edition, to a selection called “Rebirth and the Eternal Child,” from Ralph Metzner’s book Opening to Inner Light (1986). The endnote identifies the quote as from C.G. Jung’s “Concerning Rebirth,” in The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, p. 121. CW, vol. 9, part 1.

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